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Anna Bones

Anna Bones is the founder and owner of Anatomie Studio – the UK’s first and only Shibari studio which she runs with her partner in crime and rigger FredHatt. She discovered shibari in 2013 and fell in love with it at first experience. She has since left her academic day job to become a full-time shibari teacher and practitioner. She loves being on both the inside and the outside of rope with the right partners and is passionate about teaching shibari to beginners. In her shibari work, she enjoys challenging the perceptions of what rope bondage can be and the people who practice it. Empowerment, feminism, consent, diversity, partnership, artistic expression and aspects of body representation are common themes in her work and that of her studio.

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Anna Noctuelle

Anna is a dedicated shibari model with some experience in self-suspension and has been in the ropes and into ropes for more than a decade. With her background in ballet and being a current yoga addict, she has a solid knowledge of the human body and exceptional body awareness skills in ropes and suspension. She regards shibari as an artform that deserves constant exploring, physically, emotionally, practically and theoretically and she believes that ropes can teach you life, vision and maybe even wisdom. She’s worked as a model and co-presenter for workshops photo shoots and video productions.

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