Workshop registration lottery 2019

Workshop registration lottery 2019

Some workshops require registration. It concerns only workshops in Space A and mostly advanced workshops. The whole process has two rounds:

  1. online lottery – that is were you are right now,
  2. queueing for your place at the designated area in space A before the workshop starts if you don’t succeed in online round or change your mind.

See details at Workshops registration process 2019.


As there are usually slightly more people willing to participate than places, we decided to make online registration in the form of lottery.

The whole procedure is simple:

  1. You choose workshops you would like to attend in the form below and send it. It does not matter when you submit registration. Just do it till 1.10.2019. All submissions will be equal regardless of date.
  2. On 2-3.10.2019 we enter collected registrations to our lottery system that allocates places to individual registrants. We will inform you at latest on 3.10.2019 which workshops you are registered for. You can also check registered workshops at the reception desk.

After submitting registration form you will receive Booking Pending email. It may take couple of hours to receive confirmation. If you don’t receive such mail, the form was not most likely sent and you have to send it again! (But check your spam box first.) In case of multiple registrations we will consider only the last one unless you booked more than two festival tickets.

If you don’t succeed, you can still show up before the workshop starts and queue at the designated area in space A on the first come first served basis. And of course you can still come to the workshop and watch!

Registration rules

  • One registration equals to one couple.
  • E-mail address has to match the one used in registration to the festival. Check you mail to see which one did you use.
  • If there are multiple registrations for the same e-mail address we will choose the last one.
  • You can leave message in Comment field if there is something important you need to communicate such as mistakes in previous form submissions, etc.
  • Please don’t ask questions in Comment field or more precisely – you can ask but no one will answer them.

How it works

Our lottery system will process registrations and try to allocate places in fair manner and only when there are more registrants than available places it will use random element to decide. Example: If you really want to attend the dreamed workshop:

  • If you register online only this workshop you will more likely get there then someone else who registered two workshops.
  • If there are other 30 couples who do the same, system will allocate places in random manner. You may end up with zero success.

So yes, it is still gamble. That is why we call it a lottery.

The form below will be closed on 1.10.2019 at 23:59.


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