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We both studied Shibari at the Kinbaku Dojo Berlin. Since 2017 we have been giving weekly lessons there. Kinbaku Dojo teaches an old style of osada ryu. Now we teach our interpretation resulting from knowledge we learned in different workshops or invented by ourselves based on the old style of osada ryu. 

Our regular training is based on repeating and starting from the very beginning. The idea is trying every time to get closer to perfection, even if we will never reach perfection 😉 The training is focused on optimising technical skills, the school developed from an performative style, where safety and speed is very important. The school is more about learning to tie, than tying in a session, but it teaches tools that allow you to respond to your partner in a flexible and safe way . Due to many participants and limited time we can’t work like that in workshops, but our teaching style will be shaped by our roots! 



(Workshop level: L3)

Tying together is one of our biggest passions. Tying as a team offers many possibilities for rope play, but being the active part of a scene as a team might need some coordination, we will practice that in this workshop.

The exercises of this workshop are designed for three people. One model and two riggers. It’s recommend to have at least an idea of the patterns the other person ties. The same level is not nessesary.

It will be an experimental workshop, we won’t show specific patterns.

Ebi Shibari

(Workshop level: L2-3)

A beautiful, classic and useful pattern to play and challenge your rope partner. We will show you some variations of this demanding tie and give some ideas what to do with it.

We need a solid upper body tie as a base for this pattern, so we will start with a short repetition of Osada two and three rope TK.

You don’t need suspension skills for it, but we will show you how to build up suspendable Ebis and how to bring them in the air.

Ebi Suspension can be very harsh and exposing, but if you are able to tie a comfortable version, it’s useful for dirty minds.

One arm loaded chest harness

(Workshop level: L1-3)

One arm loaded chest harness is a pattern we invented because a model got a vaccination one day before a performance and we weren’t sure if we could tie the arm.

It’s a solid chest harness, with the option to use box tie/ teppo/ a lot more other arm positions. It’s a bit messy to tie but the load is contributed on the chest, and at least one arm, it’s solid for many transitions. So it’s very useful for troubleshooting. Especially for people who have problems with the arm position that’s required for typical tk’s.

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