Gorgone – Announcing headliner

My method and approach to ropes is deeply influenced by my practice of yoga and other bodyworks together with many years of professional experience on both sides of the rope. My teaching is directed to both riggers and models, guiding them into developing active, conscious and effcient partnership in order to create succesful rope experiences. I take time with my students to study and deconstruct the basics to help reinforce every party’s understanding of the rope’s and body’s mechanics before going on to more complex structures and sequences. My pedagogy focuses on encouraging and developing independency, freedom and creativity in the student’s practice while maintaining a fundamental background of safety, knowledge and awareness.

Find out more about Gorgone at her Instagram and website shibari-study.com.


Butterfly Harness + Misungui Harness

(Workshop level: L1-3)

For a change, or for models who have sensitive shoulders, suffered a recent nerve damage or difficulty being in a boxtie for a long time,
these two chest loaded harnesses are the perfect alternative to TKs. Designed from a model perspective, the ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Misungui’ harnesses
are famous for their comfort, versatility and high sustainability. Gorgone will teach the patterns, different suspension line attachment options and
demonstrate some of the many suspensions available with de Butterfly Harness.

Variations on “crab tie” and “daruma”

(Workshop level: L3, registration required)

Based on the simple and efficient ‘Moon Tie’, Gorgone will teach and demonstrate some variations on the strenuous ‘Daruma’ and ‘Crab’ Ties in partial and full suspensions.
Extreme, raw and minimalistic visuals, exposing, physically challenging and highly erotic; these forms are pure rope candy if you enjoy pushing the envelop and experimenting
with unusual and less predictable structures.

Hog Tie

(Workshop level: L3, registration required)

Gorgone will teach and demonstrate her way of tying and suspending the infamous ‘Hog Tie’. This form is one of her all time favourite; constrictive, intense and just as
beautifully dramatic on the floor or in partial and full suspensions. For this form she will use and teach her TK3 and a simple futomomo.

She will share some tips and tricks to make this tie more sustainable for the bottoms and more versatile than usual for transitions.

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