Workshops schedule

Date and time Space A Space B Space C
Friday 17.11.2017
11:00-13:00 Fred Hatt & Anna Bones:

Pleasure Neutral Rope: the subtle science of predicaments (L3, registration)


Overpowering with ropes (L1-3)

Kristina Marlen:

Embodied Rope, Body in ropes, moving your ropepractise (L1-3)

14:15-16:15 Soptik:

Chair bondage and suspensions (L3, registration)

Riccardo Wildties & Red Sabbath:

Body handling and model control (L1-3)

Anna Bones and Anna Noctuelle:

Workshop Bodies of Knowledge: Insights from inside the rope – Body (L1-3)

16:30-18:30 Tifereth & Oublietta:

The Breathplay Tengu (L3, registration)

Wykd Dave & Clover:

Rope Control and Movement (L2-3)

Miss Eris & Maya Homerton:

Yoga for dummies (L1-2)

Saturday 18.11.2017
11:00-13:00 Kristina Marlen:

Spreading wings (L3, registration)


Sadistic bondage beyond basics (L1-3)

Fred Hatt & Anna Bones:

50 fucked up things to do with single column ties (L1-3)

14:15-16:15 Tifereth & Oublietta:

Structure and Formlessness – Experimental Suspensions (L3, registration)

Anna Bones and Anna Noctuelle:Workshop Bodies of Knowledge: Insights from inside the rope – Suspensions (L3, registration) Wykd Dave & Clover:

Tension (L2-3)

16:30-18:30 Miss Eris & Maya Homerton:

Intro to partials – Relative (L2-3, registration)

Riccardo Wildties & Red Sabbath:

MA (L1-3)

Sunday 19.11.2017
11:00-13:00 Wykd Dave & Clover:

Dynamic Transitions (L3, registration)

Fred Hatt & Anna Bones:

Shapes (L2-3)

Kristina Marlen:

Presence, Rhythm, Space (L1-3)

14:15-16:15 Miss Eris & Maya Homerton:

Intro to suspension – 360 (L2-3, registration)


Strappado (arm-flute) ties (L2-3)

16:30-18:30 Riccardo Wildties & Red Sabbath:

Semenawa – The beauty of suffering (L3, registration)

Tifereth & Oublietta:

Movement and Tempo, Speed and Flow (L1-3)

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